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Dr Venkatram Thalapalli - Treatment for Hip Dysplasia at Banjara Hills

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Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) is a condition in infants where the hip's ball and socket joint do not form correctly, also known as congenital hip dislocation/hip dysplasia.

DDH has different types, such as:

  • Acetabular dysplasia
  • Subluxable dysplasia
  • Subluxed dysplasia
  • Dislocatable dysplasia
  • Dislocated dysplasia
  • Some factors that can cause DDH include a family history of the condition, being in the breech position during pregnancy, and poor nutrition.

    If not treated promptly, DDH can cause walking abnormalities, severe pain, limping, and hip and back osteoarthritis.

    During the newborn physical screening examination, ultrasound scans can detect DDH. Treatment for DDH involves using a Pavlik harness, which is a fabric splint tied around the hips to stabilize and correct the deformity naturally.

    If the harness treatment fails, surgery may be necessary. Dr. Venkatram Thyalapalli MBBS, MS (Orthopedics) is the best specialist in pediatric bone disorders in Hyderabad. He has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating children's orthopedic problems.

    Dr. Venkatram will conduct a thorough examination of the deformity and use X-rays to understand the bone misalignment. He adopts a holistic approach to provide the best treatment to children and ensure their future well-being.

    To get the best treatment for Developmental Dysplasia, schedule an appointment with Dr. Venkatram, you can call or book online.

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