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Specialist in pediatric orthopedics and Ilizarov technique Banjara Hills & Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Dr. Venkat Ram Thyalapalli is a specialist in pediatric orthopedics and Ilizarov technique, currently working as a consultant at Rainbow Hospitals in Banjarahills and Hydernagar. He graduated from Osmania General Hospital and completed his fellowships in pediatric orthopedics at BJ Wadia Children's Hospital in Mumbai and Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital in Hong Kong.

Dr. Venkat is an expert in the Ilizarov technique, which is used to treat complex pediatric disorders such as bone infections, injuries, developmental conditions, congenital conditions, and more. He has practiced this technique in various countries, including India, Russia, and Greece.

In addition to his expertise in Ilizarov technique, Dr. Venkat also specializes in trauma cases involving fractures and dislocations, upper limb, spine, long bone, and foot deformities.

He has presented several papers at renowned conferences and published in leading publications. He is an active member of SICOT and POSICON.

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Dr. Venkat Ram Thyalapalli, Best Pediatric orthopedic specialist, Banjara Hills, Kukatpally

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Best Pediatric Orthopedician in Banajarahills, Kukatpally

Our Specialist

Best Pediatric Orthopedician in Banajarahills, Kukatpally

Dr Venkatram Thyalapalli

Qualification: M.B.B.S, M.S. (Orthopedics) (OSM)
Specialist: Pediatric Orthopedician & Ilizarov specialist
Experience 10+ Years Experience
Availability Hrs:
Banjara Hills:
Mon-Sat: 02:00 pm-04:00 pm
Tuesdays :01:00 pm-02:00 pm
Tue: 4pm-5pm &
Sat: 6pm-8pm

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